Hi Carla,

Autumn has arrived here in the Rocky Mts.  It is beautiful!   


But I didn't want to let the summers highlights and all the insights slip away without sharing. 

I had the  blessing of staying at a beautiful home in the Ohio Creek Valley.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I was really in need of some HEALING.  So I created my own healing retreat. 

I  share this with you, as it reaffirms for me why I chose to be a transformational/personal growth coach.  When we really COMMIT to -- healing, change, or whatever our next step in life is-- thats when things happen.

Working with the many healing techniques I've studied throughout my career, I allowed them to present themselves, as I needed them and let them in -- to do their stuff.

Working with the energy of the chakra system and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also referred to as Tapping, has been a life changer.  The key; my self-care needs to do this daily.  On this retreat I did multiple times daily.   Tapping through 1st and 2nd chakra concepts, allowing me to open up to the flowing balanced energy of each.  Honoring the body I walk with in this life  -- giving myself a little more compassion as well as motivation toward demonstrating, that honor of self, with good food, good exercise and overall healthy behaviors.

Staying grounded in the midst of doing deep core work was greatly enhanced by the practice of "earthing".  I couldn't of ask for a greater spot to soak up the energy of the great mother earth.  


And of course I was able to let down and let go as needed with the help of my unconditional companions

Soaking up the sounds and feel of a flowing stream to encourage the unimpeded flow of second chakra energy.  Bringing myself the knowing and the embodiment of the true authentic self, identifying what I'm drawn toward, what I really want, allowing my passion and energy to be seen and felt by others, and feel my joy and celebrating me.

It was a great gift  to experience a week in the mountains,  in a beautiful homestead vs a tent.  (That was a treat!!) And I appreciated the time to work with nature and energy to RECHARGE.


Returning home  not a bad thing (LOL) with lots to do and more learning from these helpers!!!  Its time to bring all the awareness, embodiment and joy to real life--not just in my hideaway in the hills!

I continue to provide therapy and coaching to all those who are ready to embrace change to live to their full potential.  If you would like support on your journey  please don't hesistate to contact me:

ot4yoga@gmail.com    www.coachcarla-courageouscoaching.coachesconsole.com

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed the photos and insights.

Carla Fanciullo, OTR/L  Transformational Life Coach (TLC)