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Carla Fanciullo is an Occupational Therapist and a Transformational Life Coach.  She enjoys  working with individuals who are experiencing transitions in their life, or seeking to live into their higher potential.  Through her coaching programs she guides them forward in creating a life they truly love living.  After working with clients for 30 years to improve health and wellness, Carla truly believes that we can live to our fullest potential, creating our greatest vision for life with the right guidance and mindset.

Carla studies and practices the healing modalities of both Eastern philosophy and Western science. She has worked in the field of Occupational Therapy assisting individuals to adapt their lifestyle to meet their needs.  Through the practice of Holistic Occupational Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Transformational life coaching, Carla helps individuals understand the messages our bodies hold and integrate those messages to personal knowledge to move into improved wellbeing.  Carla speaks to groups and individuals interested in transformation through a “heart centered philosophy”.

Carla holds a bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, and Integrative Yoga Therapy instructor.

Carla has completed several Life Coaching Certifications. 

The DREAM BUILDER Life coaching program with Mary Morrissey of LifeSOULutions.

The CHAKRA MASTERY SYSTEM with Margret Lynch Raniere, author of Tapping into Wealth, and creator of the Chakra Mastery System.

Carla is also a Certified Facilitator of “The Energy Codes” book by Dr. Sue Morter.

When Carla is not working with people to live into their highest potential, her passion lies in the outdoors.  Spending time in nature, for personal rejuvenation, through meditating and embracing the silence.  Or embracing the outdoors for playing - hiking, riding her bike or mules, and free skiing on the slopes or the backcountry.

Carla also helps individuals enjoy the outdoors through volunteering with adaptive sports programs

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In just a few visits working with Carla I was able to create my vision of what I truly wanted my therapy practice to look like, everything from who I wanted to work with and how I wanted my space to look like.  It was fantastic to keep working with Carla and let this vision evolve